Bulk Bag for Storage and Transportation

Stacks of Bulk Bag

Are you considering to use the bulk bags (FIBC – Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) for storage and transportation of your products?  Here are some benefits of using the bulk bag.

  1.  It Packs A Lot Of Product

The bulk bags come in a range of sizes and a variety of constructions best suited for your particular application and purposes.  One of the significant benefits is that it packs a lot of product in terms of weight and volume.  When filled, the typical bulk bag packs 1000 kgs of product and generally occupies a regular skid spot.  On average, an empty bulk bag usually weighs about 2 kgs.  Being a flexible packaging product, when compacted it is the size of a small package.  It may be hard to believe something this small may hold 500X its own weight!

  1.  Easy And Ready To Use

The bulk bag is a product that requires little to no equipment to begin use.  Depending on the type of industry you are in, the equipment involved may just be a simple shovel for manual filling of sand and gravel or a comprehensive filling and bagging system in a food processing facility.  The bulk bag is very flexible that you can customized the bag style and features to best suit your own particular operation.  A typical bulk bag will have 4 built-in lifting loops for handling via forklift or crane lift.  You may also opt to place a pallet underneath the bulk bag before filling for an easier and quicker forklift access or pallet jack handling after filling the bag up.  For discharging the product, it is safe and simple.  You lift and position the bulk bag over the location where you want it and pull the release mechanism to begin the discharge process.  Easy enough?

  1.  A Cost Effective Packaging Solution

Another significant advantage of the bulk bag is that it is an economical way of packaging.  If you have a dry, flow-able product that you need to keep in storage and/or transport from A to B, this packaging solution is highly recommended for you.  Made from low cost polypropylene resin, this value added conversion into a bulk bag results in a strong and affordable packaging product.  The bulk bags are compact and lightweight which means cheaper storage and shipping costs for you.  Just a skid of empty bulk bags may allow for packaging hundreds of tons of your product!  Overall the use of the bulk bags can generate cost savings for your business.

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