Bulk Bags

Bulk Bag is an effective and efficient way to package large volumes for shipping or storage. Standard bulk bags are commonly used by various industries in Canada. At Komol Plastics, we have large storage and handling facilities at Vancouver location for the loading and off loading of high volume shipping containers giving a fast turn around.

Benefits of using our Bulk Bags:

Lightweight flexible packaging
Stackable for ease of storage
Need virtually no space to store empty bulk bags
Products can be repaired locally for extended use
Custom manufactured for your unique needs
Reusable, competitively priced
Suitable for a variety of industries
No pallets required

If you need a bulk packaging solution in Canada, Komol Plastics bulk bags distributor offers woven polypropylene flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC), Super Sack containers, Bulk Bag and Mini Bulk Bags for all your plastics bag  packaging requirements. You can customized the bulk bag and these custom-designed bulk containers offer maximum storage efficiency due to their ability to shrink down to a fraction of their filled size when not in use. Bulk Bag is an ideal packaging option  for a variety of dry products including fertilizers, grains, animal feeds, plastic resins, wood pellets and more. Moreover, these containers also limit the likelihood of spills.


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Circular Style Bulk Bags with Duffle Top, Flat Bottom Top View

How to Safely Handle Your Bulk Bags

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Bulk Bags Canada

What is the Right Bulk Bag for You?

The Bulk Bag (also known as FIBC, Tote Bag, Mega Bag, Jumbo Bag, Super Sack, Tonne Bag) comes in various sizes and constructions. Different businesses may prefer or require their own specifications to best suit their needs. ... Read More