POLY WOVEN BAGS At Komol Plastics Canada

The Poly Woven Bags (Polypropylene Woven Bag or PP Woven Bag) is one of the main products that we stock and supply.  This bag is constructed from polymer tapes interwoven together to form a high strength polymer woven fabric that is made into a poly woven bag.  The woven properties of this material allows the bag to be tear resistant, strong and durable.  It can take on harsher handling environments compared to the common plastic bags or paper bags.  Due to its woven characteristics, the poly woven bag is inherently breathable.  Most solids will be contained within the bag while allowing the liquids and air to pass through.  This is important for certain applications that require ventilation for mold prevention such as agricultural and food products or water permeability such as sandbags for flood and erosion control.  Alternatively, for users that do not require the bags to be breathable, there are options to prevent external moisture from entering the bag such as installing a sewn-in poly liner or applying an additional coating/lamination over top of the poly woven fabric to achieve those functions.

We stock the poly woven bags in a large array of sizes and features to accommodate the requirements of various industries across Canada.  Our poly woven bags are built strong and last long.  Our quality is heavier and superior than many of the other poly woven bags on the market.  This bag can be supplied in any of the optional special features below.  If you have special applications that require a custom bag development, give us a call to see how we can design a bag to suit your needs.  Whether it be special handling requirements or modifications to the poly bag specifications, we can put something together for you.

  • Multi Color Custom Printing
  • White or Colored Poly Woven Bags
  • Clear/Translucent Poly Woven Bags
  • Pillow or Gusseted Style Bags
  • Easy Open Pull Strips
  • Sewn-in Inner Poly Liners
  • Built-in Tie String
  • Built-in Drawstring
  • Sewn-in Label
  • Sewn-in Carrying Handles
  • Coating/Lamination
  • UV Treatment
  • Anti Slip Construction
  • Food Grade
  • Micro Perforations
  • Custom Machine Holes