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The sandbags are one of the most common products for a variety of applications because it is so simple to use and readily available in the market.  In particular, the poly woven sandbag (also known as pp woven bag, polypropylene woven bag, poly weave bag) is generally the most durable and cost-effective option available compared to the other alternatives.  They can be mobilized quickly to be filled on site (or near the site) and effectively deal with emergency situations.

What Are The Applications For Sandbags?

Sandbags For Flood Control

The most common application for polypropylene woven sandbag is temporary flood control.  They are built strong to be able to adequately withstand and redirect the forces of floods and protect your property.   Unlike the common commercial plastic bags, the woven material is constructed with anti-slip features, thereby making the sandbag easily stackable to build a stable and solid sandbag structure.  The sandbag wall is a very simple and effective option to prevent or reduce property damage from the flood waters. If the sandbag wall is built properly, it will be able to act as a barrier to withstand the forces of the floods and effectively divert the moving water around your property instead of through it.

  • Sandbag Structure

You can build a sandbag structure to change the direction of moving water and guide it to another area in a controlled manner. This will help mitigate potential damages by the floods. Although the sandbag wall may not be a complete water-tight barrier, it’s adequate for most situations to minimize the damages that would have occurred otherwise.  It’s the best, easiest and cost-effective solution to consider for most people, as well as being readily available to find.

The pp woven sandbags are also used to temporarily fortify and raise the existing levees for rivers and lakes during periods of heavy rains that collect water directly or through runoffs which thereby causes the water level to temporary rise significantly in a short amount of time.  The polypropylene woven sandbags would help to prevent or reduce the overflow of the banks or dykes that would have resulted in flash floods and damages to the protected areas if the sandbags were not in place.

Sandbags For Erosion Control

Soil erosion takes place naturally and constantly wherever there is a movement of water and wind.  However, it can be very destructive to the landscape and property. Poly woven sandbags are useful to temporarily prevent or reduce this phenomenon.  The sandbags can be temporarily placed along river banks, beaches or cliffs in order to divert the harsh forces of moving water away from the eroding soil or sand.  The sandbags will absorb the incoming energies and thereby preventing or reducing the protected soil and sand from becoming disrupted and displaced. With the use of polypropylene woven sandbags, the soil or sand becomes less vulnerable to gradual ocean shoreline erosion or riverbank erosion.

poly-woven-sandbagsIn addition, the poly woven sandbags also help to protect vulnerable infrastructures such as roadways from damage or collapse due to the erosion of the adjacent grounds.  The sandbags can be placed along the roadways to protect and redirect water away to prevent erosion, hydroplaning and flooding of the roads.

Sandbags For General Purpose Use

The polypropylene sandbag typically weigh about 50 lbs and are often used as general purpose weights to hold things down.  It is widely used in construction as weights for securing materials against the uplift of wind such as tarps, geotextiles, or any other large lightweight materials.  It can be used to hold down structures or equipment to prevent them from being knocked over by strong winds such as traffic signs, barriers, etc.

Other general purpose uses include storing filled sandbag in lighter vehicles to use as added weights to improve the traction and overall safety of the vehicle on slippery surfaces in poor weather conditions.  Not to mention you will also have poly woven bags of sand available in your vehicle to use if the situation arises.

Why Polypropylene Woven Sandbags?

Easy to Use

The poly woven sandbag is very simple, straightforward and easy to use.  No special equipment is necessary. In emergencies, the special filling equipment is not always available either.  For efficiency of operations, it is easier to fill the sandbags with two people. For building a sandbag wall, it is recommended to fill at ½ capacity.  This allows the pp woven sandbags to be stacked properly and form a good seal. A sandbag that is completely filled right to the top is bulky, unstable and will not conform to the shape for a proper seal with the adjacent sandbags in the stacked layers.  For structural stability, you will need to stagger the poly woven sandbag, so they sit on top of the joint connections of the layer underneath. A pyramid stacking design is recommended for building higher sandbag walls or against stronger currents for added stability to the structure.

sandbag-with-tie-string-2Easily Accessible

Empty polypropylene woven sandbags are easily transportable to the destination that you need it to be, however remote it is.  With sand and dirt available practically anywhere, you can fill and build your sandbag structure right on the site. This is especially convenient when your work site is at a remote or inaccessible location, and special equipment is not available.

Easy to Storage

Empty polypropylene woven sandbags are very easy to stockpile and store and take up minimal space relative to the massive structures that it can build.  A bale of 1000 empty sandbags are only about 100 lbs of weight and occupies about three cubic feet of space; however, it can build you a couple hundred linear feet or more of a one-foot high sandbag wall depending on how you design your wall!  It is incredible how something so small and light can build you a structure so massive and reliable!

If stored properly, your empty poly woven sandbags can last many years and can be serviceable right when you need it.  It’s always best to be prepared than sorry!

Give us a call if you are interested in the poly woven sandbags!  As a leading poly bags supplier Canada, We always carry a very large inventory of empty sandbags to fulfill your demand.  We have one of the largest stockpiles of sandbags physically stored in Vancouver, BC, Canada, ready to supply in an emergency!

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