What is the Right Bulk Bag for You?

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The Bulk Bag (also known as FIBC, Tote Bag, Mega Bag, Jumbo Bag, Super Sack, Tonne Bag) comes in various sizes and constructions. Different businesses may prefer or require their own specifications to best suit their needs. Below are some criteria you should consider in order to find the most suitable bulk bag for your business.

1. Bulk Bag Size and Capacity

First, we will need to figure out an appropriate bag size for your application. How do you want to size your bulk bag? Would it be by weight? Or by volume? After we determine this, we will need to know your product’s bulk density. If you don’t know this information, it should be easily available online for most commodities. With this information, we can calculate an appropriate bag size based on the weight that you are putting in while not exceeding the safe working load of the bag. Typically, you will see that most bulk bags in the market are rated for 1000 Kg safe working load (SWL) and the bag is sized according to the product’s bulk density. If your product is very light in density, we may calculate it the other way around and select a most efficient bag size for shipping and storage. Then we may calculate what SWL rating would be sufficient for your filled bulk bag.

2. What is Your Product?

You will need to identify what is the requirements you need in a bulk bag that will address its potential issues due to its characteristics. Is it a dry powdery compound that will leak through the seams and fabric of the bulk bag? Is it a moist or oily product that requires a barrier between the product and the environment? Is it a product that requires airflow ventilating through the bag? Or is it simply just a dry, free-flowing, granular commodity? The products you are packing in the bulk bag will determine what bulk bag customization options are required for you.

3. Bulk Bags Handling Method

After determining the bag size and application requirements, how will you be handling this bulk tote bag? Are you filling it by machine? You may prefer a fill spout for a more convenient attachment to your equipment. Or do you rather prefer a duffle top for large and easier access during filling? Do you need a discharge mechanism for when the bulk bag gets to the end destination for unloading? How will you be storing and transporting the filled bulk bag? Most users will be moving the bulk bags via its lifting loops by way of forklift or crane lift, while others may place the filled bulk bags on pallets in order to accommodate their pallet racking system. Every business may handle their bulk bags their own way.

Give us a call! As a leading poly bags supplier Canada, we would be glad to assist you in determining the right bulk bag solution for your operations!

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